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Posted on 23 September 2013 by JasonK

Last week Roy Morgan Research published a slideshow about the Digital Universe in NZ and Australia. It is always great to see local research.  Australian and NZ cultures adapt to a changing media mix and digital environment in similar but different ways than the U.S.

The first slide that was of interest to me was the way in which twitter is still growing in NZ and the youth skew on the YouTube numbers. All of these numbers have implications for media and other content producers.

What is also interesting- is what has been left out of this research. I don’t see pinterest anywhere in the numbers* but some days that seems like my most active social account although all of the traffic comes from the U.S ( *slide 42 at 6%)

Increasingly we all have websites and at some level, we are both producers and consumers of online content.


Here are some other selected slides and my brief comments. This next one should have commercial TV people brushing up their cvs. The age of broadcast TV is over.


And print publishers also have some work to do. For “remains stable” my read is “asleep at the wheel.” The comments about noticing advertising have a wistful and hopeful tone to them. Tolerated is more like it.


Here is another key metric for TV centric businesses. ( Advertisers I’m looking at you.) As New Zealand is still part way through a digital TV switchover I expect “internet capable” TV’s will increase hugely as will takeup of AppleTV and similar decoder type devices.

Once ultra fast broadband reaches more neighbourhoods and data caps are increased dramatically these numbers will change very quickly.


This research on online shopping caught my eye. I’m an online worker and I view everything online first. If you want to offer a product or service and you don’t have a website don’t call me.

On the other hand if you have an offline business I will probably still check you out online but I may buy offline. It’s a trust and verify thing. Price comparisons are a driver here as it has become much easier to find the best pricing online.


And here is the final media slide. I’m surprised radio in NZ is so high and at the differences with Australia.


Here is the full slide show – all 43 of them. What are your thoughts?

Thanks Roy Morgan.

  • richms

    Low picture quality keeps me from watching broadcast TV a lot. Why own a nice 1080p screen, when content is served up in lousy overcompressed SD like on prime, and has all sorts of motion artifacts from them screwing with the framerate like most music videos on C4, which also have all sorts of chroma artifacts in them which should have died with the analog age.

    When I can get the same content off youtube in silky smooth motion, high res 720 or 1080 and in many cases better sound, why would I bother with crappy SD digital TV broadcasts? Get my shows off the pirate bay in decent 720P whereas prime only show doctor who in something equivalent to a flea market bootled DVD quality. Technology has passed broadcast TV by, and IMO they should probably look at killing freeview HD off not long after analog finally gets switched off. All that spectrum would be better used providing better wireless internet services.

    • jasonkemp

      Thanks Richard.

      I suspect the TV technology has got ahead of the broadcasters now. They should should not be showing low res content anywhere and especially after full switchover.

      From other discussions it does look like there will be other “channels” that will be more curatorial than broadcast.

      One thing is very clear. Viewers have become much more visible in discussing what they do and don’t like partly because social media like twitter and FB gets those discussions more into the mainstream whereas before I’d guess they were on specialist web sites.

      I think TV broadcasters have to have a zero base view of their role going forward. Do they just have a programmer and a programmes buyer – very few of them make any content directly.

      The news is mostly bollocks and in an age when we can get news from anywhere the 6 o’clock news is meaningless.

      I think TV has now arrived at a 2 mode intersection. The first is TV as escapism or distraction which is like TV always was but with much crappier programmes.

      And 2 – highly engaged viewers discussing their favourite shows and engaging via various means. TV3’s the vote started well but has dropped into a blackhole of trivia and grandstanding by the presenters. However we will see more of that.

    • Chaz Suzi Cramp

      You r died write??? my wife and I have 70 music shows on You tube most of them are in 1080p and not 1080i like the tv station.

      And now with faster internet a lot of people have their own stream tv station in the shed . this tv program was made in a shed

  • jasonkemp

    Some of the ideas in this post were prompted by a discussion over on PAS

  • billbennett

    Pinterest was definitely talked about during the presentation. It’s fast growing in NZ, albeit off a tiny base. Still only in the low single figures as a proportion of total population.

    • jasonkemp

      Thanks Bill – good to hear

    • JasonK

      Thanks just seen that it is 6% on slide 42

  • Jarle Dahl Bergersen

    I think part of the problem for broadcasters in New Zealand is the frequent commercials in between the programs. It is probably pushing viewers over to platforms where the interruptions aren’t as severe. The other platforms are also able to provide the content when you want to see it, as opposed to having to follow the schedule of the TV-stations.

    • jasonkemp

      We buy a whole TV series on DVD to avoid ads :)

      • Jarle Dahl Bergersen

        I use an american iTunes account and buy series there. Don’t have the patience to wait for the DVD :)

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