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Many of you already have a WordPress site and you may need help with updates or security or hosting. We offer a range of services that cover most needs. If what you want is not included in the list below then please use the contact form to ask us your questions. For example you may need our WordPress site rescue service. The short answers here are based on actual questions we hear most days and yes – we can make your logo bigger :).

Do you offer site maintenance?

Yes. To be safe and secure sites need to be kept up to date at all times. This includes the core WordPress version plus plugins and in some cases theme upgrades. We offer monthly maintenance contracts which will typically include offsite backups. Best to think of this as a kind of insurance policy for security and against down time.

Can You help me migrate my site to WordPress? or move an existing site to a new server?

Yes – WordPress offers an import  tool which can help with the migration of web content from other content management systems. This includes from Blogger, Live Journal, Movable Type, Typepad, Tumblr, via an RSS feed and even from another WordPress site.

Of course if your site is a flat html site we can also migrate that however different tools are required e.g. use of CSV files. We can also move your website from one hosting provider to another if that is needed.

Can you check my WordPress site plugins and versions?

Yes of course. Sometimes with the change of personnel you can lose contact with service providers or you may just need a second opinion. We can review the plugins and general setup of your WordPress site and make changes as needed. For example you may be on an old version and that might require a theme upgrade to optimise the performance of your site. Or you may just need a bit of housekeeping.

How much will it cost?

Most of the services listed here can be completed in a few hours but the larger the site the longer it will take. In any case we will provide an estimate of the amount of time it will take before we start the work.

My website needs a refresh?

For existing WordPress sites a new theme may offer a fast and easy way to upgrade. Let us use our past experience to make your refresh experience an easy process.

My website runs too slow on the existing server -what can be done?

Often new sites are set up on a shared host as traffic volumes are unknown. However down the track as a website gets better known and more traffic comes you may need to have your server optimised, swapped out for a dedicated one or a better hosting setup. Sometimes that means a VPS or a specialised WordPress hosting service. We can run some tests and help with assessing server needs as a first step. In some cases the theme and / or plugins may need code changes to optimise the way they work. In simple terms some plugins are more efficient than others. Caching might be part of the answer. Either way we can review the current set up, nominate an alternative and then carry out the changes and / or migration to the new server.

What can I do to improve website security?

We can do a security audit and make changes to background settings to improve website security and manage ongoing security issues. If your site has been hacked we can find the problem and restore the site depending on what backups you may have. The best way to avoid site hacks is to upgrade security settings which we can help you with.

Do you offer design or copywriting services?

We work with a range of specialists including designers, copy writers, photographers and others so we can brief and project manage those partners to get the best results for you.

What aftersales support do you offer?

Whenever we are responsible for launch of a new site we will manage search engine redirects, security upgrades and updates and the overall system for the first month. After that we can manage ongoing updates and any backend services for a monthly fee. For the larger projects this is often built in to the project plan but just ask as we can manage any existing WordPress websites. 

Can I do ecommerce on my WordPress website?

Yes (but…) in our experience setting up and maintaining an ecommerce website is very complex and because of the sheer number of variables involved – such as, payment gateway, freight, currency and deliveries we recommend that you start small and solve all the logistics issues first.

On the other hand if you want a simple checkout for a handful of products and can use PayPal that is much easier. Ecommerce is harder to scale than it looks for many businesses so this requires very careful and detailed planning.

Can you help us with Search engine optimisation?

This is a trick question. WordPress has an architecture and setup that is very search engine friendly. There are also some great search engine plugins. If you have great content and make regular updates you no longer need lots of extra SEO work. In the past there was a whole SEO industry that grew up around gaming the search engines. Google especially has been changing its systems so that many of the old tricks will just not work any more. There are also many spammers out there offering bogus SEO services who are not up to date with the new Google changes and so they often over promise. If your website needs special SEO services we know who the accredited providers are and can work with them to execute a detail plan.

Can you help us with making our WordPress site mobile friendly?

The best way to make a responsive and mobile friendly website is to use a theme that already has the extra code built it. There are other options but for any new sites we would always include mobile capabilities in the theme. We can upgrade your theme to a “responsive” one or setup a mobility plugin if the existing is retained.

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